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User Rating: 5/10 5/10
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Address: Unit E3, Romford Seedbed Centre, Davidson Way, Essex RM7 0AZ
Telephone: 0800 091 6100
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I have recently booked a holiday through these. I went vi...
Rating: 6/10 6/10
I have recently booked a holiday through these. I went via their website as it was £10 cheaper. It seemed easy and painless. Within 2 hours I received a call from them confirming all the details, everything was okay. The sales adviser then said we owed an extra £76 (£38) each way for airport levy tax....this gave me alarm bells and i questioned it. I paid for the hol in full and said i would pay this extra at a later date. After browsing the web and talking to others they had not heard of this. I contacted the fellow back who said it was a separate payment to the government (changing story), i then asked him to look into it as i was not willling to pay this. The story was then that it was to the airline and it was the (APD) tax which is always included in flight prices. He said to call him back in 2 days time as he was off until then. The next day i rang up to query this payment still (talking to another person) she said the payment had been zeroed and there was no more money outstanding. I asked what it was for in the first place, to have the answer it was due to flutuation in prices. All in all apart from this it was easy to book but i didnt want to have the hassle of trying to get out of being conned for what sounds like commision, aimed at vulnerable people who would just pay it! As per reviews from other websites and here, I plan to contact the hotel and the airlines to make sure that all matters of the holiday are actually booked. BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN BOOKING WITH THIS COMPANY!

Submitted By: Mitchell

I used Travelsoon for a holiday to Cyprus with my husband...
Rating: 8/10 8/10
I used Travelsoon for a holiday to Cyprus with my husband and our 2 other couples for my Dad's birthday. We had quite a bit of phone calls trying to choose the most suitable accommodation as when there are 3 couples it is tricky to find something that is going to be right for everyone. I spent time on the phone with Travelsoon but they were always courteous and seemed to know what they were talking about when it came to the hotel and when we arrived everything was as they described. The holiday was excellent value and was cheaper than anywhere else I could find so that was another plus. We had a lovely two weeks and apart from a bit of a bumpy landing on the way back it was everything we had hoped for. I would definitely use Travelsoon again, not got anything planned as yet but when I,m looking again I will do my research and give them a call. The guy I spoke to was called Jason - thank you.

Submitted By: Annabelle Croft

Very good service, great price and a fantastic holiday. A...
Rating: 10/10 10/10
Very good service, great price and a fantastic holiday. A lady i spoke to was very helpful and organised champagne for my wife's birthday on arrival with a complementary upgrade. it was a beautiful hotel in the perfect location that we requested. As i said before, very good service, cheap and a holiday to remember. I would recommend to everyone. Cant wait to book my next one! Thank you Nick

Submitted By: Nick

Contacted after getting a good quote throu...
Rating: 1/10 1/10
Contacted after getting a good quote through the icelolly website. We were looking for a basic cheap self catering week and when we saw a weeks self catering in Lanzarote for £133 we noted the ref number and called Travelsoon straight away.

The £133 quoted was for flight and accommodation per person, however when we contacted them it was a different matter.
We were told the cost of a checked case was 30.00 which was ok as we only wished to check one bag and assumed this made the holiday 133 x 2 = 266 + 30 for a checked case, giving a total of 296 (arranging our own transfer) we were mistaken, the operator informed us that was a total due of £438 No explanation where the extra charge came from, the quote we received minutes ago meant nothing.

We called them again with a different ref number later and again received the same treatment.

I would be very wary of this company if you are considering booking through them.

Submitted By: michael Atkinson

We have just returned from our weeks holiday at the Shera...
Rating: 1/10 1/10
We have just returned from our weeks holiday at the Sheraton Algarve hotel from 17th September to the 24th September 2011, we booked this Holiday with “” on 15th June 2011 with a Sea View room on full board and received written confirmation from their agents.

We received a telephone call at lunch time on 14th September from a girl from (I did not get here name) informing us that the Sheraton Hotel had double booked and there were no rooms available.

We are in our mid sixties with me retiring last year, we have travelled to the Algarve over the years a number of times and obviously love the place and we are very aware of the hotels and resorts in the Algarve and had splashed out on a one off holiday to the Sheraton.

The girl that rang us on the 14th was obviously well versed it this sort off situation and attempted to offer us some supposedly similar 5 star hotel or an apartment in the Sheraton Pine Cliff resort at additional costs.

As our conversation got more heated she switched into here rehearsed mode and said she would hang up and ring later to arrange alternative accommodation, I requested a full refund on the £1800 plus we had paid, this she said was not possible as the Flights and Transfers were none refundable, then she hung up.

I phoned the Sheraton Algarve Direct and talked to the Reservation manager Miguel Cunha who was very understanding and helpful, he informed us that only contacted the hotel on 4th August 2011 and they were informed that day no rooms were available.

I then phoned the girl at and informed here of this and asked why we had only been informed 2 days before flying when new there were no rooms at the beginning of August and why did they only contact the hotel in August when we booked in June, her reply was to blame the agents now and not the hotel.

From that point I have lost total believe in this girl and needed to rescue our holiday, the only option available with the flights and transfers none refundable was believe it or not to pay more money for the Sheraton Apartment, this cost an additional £86 for a Deluxe Townhouse Apartment adjacent the Sheraton Hotel.

I then phoned the Sheraton hotel to confirm this had happened as I had no belief in what stated, the Apartment was confirmed. I then did a full search on the Internet on the Deluxe Townhouse Apartments and to our horror we found reviews that sounded awful and that these apartments were privately owned and were dark, dingy and dated and were nowhere near the standards of the Sheraton and the Residence Apartments owned by the hotel.

I then emailed Miguel Cunha the Sheraton Hotel reservations manager with what we had booked and our concerns on the quality of the privately owned Townhouse apartments, he put our minds totally at rest and said due to the situation we had been put in he would put us in one of the Sheraton Hotel owned Residence 2 bedroom 5 star suites adjacent to the Golf course at no additional costs, this brought tears to my wife's eyes, this apartment was superb but would of cost us a lot more but for Miguel.

The end line to this expensive horror tale is beware when dealing with (part of the Co-op I was told by them when booking) and if you must, confirm that your bookings are in place. I found it very distasteful dealing with when things went pear shaped and to take additional monies 2 days before travelling when they know you have no other options is surly illegal or maybe deliberate.

I have emailed a copy of this to but do not expect a reply, but will in the next few days copy and paste this to every Holiday review site and bulletin board I can find including Tripadvisor.

Submitted By: Jim Davis

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